10mm Napoleonics

10mm Napoleonics

Winroths 10mm Napoleonics

I started this blog to show the progress of my project to create two big 10mm napoleonic armies, Brittish and French, and to create a modular gameing table.

Five first British battalions

SkaparePosted by Erik Winroth Mon, January 23, 2012 18:47:35

My first five British battalions.

I was planning on first painting all British infantry before I started on the French, but my youngest kid vetoed this. He wants to start playing, so after six British battalions I will paint some French infantry and commanders for both antagonists.

Then I guess that he will request artillery and cavalry before I can complete the infantry forces.

All the miniatures are from Bend Sinister, they produce very nice models. Sadly, my painting does not do them justice.

For those hos do not know how big 10mm miniatures are (10mm from toe to eye).The coin is 20mm (0.8 inch) in diameter.