10mm Napoleonics

10mm Napoleonics

Winroths 10mm Napoleonics

I started this blog to show the progress of my project to create two big 10mm napoleonic armies, Brittish and French, and to create a modular gameing table.

A battle

SkaparePosted by Erik Winroth Thu, May 17, 2012 23:20:25

My nephew and I played a Black Powder battle today, using my game board for the first time. Sadly, I still having trouble taking good pictures. Only three are presentable.

The first showing a thing fight in one corner of the board. One British infantry brigade supported by cavalry are putting hard pressure on a French infantry brigade. Another French brigade have started moving on to the table along the road in a desperate attempt to save this flank.

This picture is actually taken earlier. At the top you can see the British brigade mentioned earlier, as they move to stop the french reinforcement coming along the road at the top.

This picture shows an enlargement of the lower left corner of the picture above as the British haste forward to secure the large bridge.

I will probably have another battle in two days, I shall try to get some more and better pictures then.