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10mm Napoleonics

Winroths 10mm Napoleonics

I started this blog to show the progress of my project to create two big 10mm napoleonic armies, Brittish and French, and to create a modular gameing table.


SkaparePosted by Erik Winroth Sun, May 20, 2012 00:03:46
My friend Lars and I took to the table an fought a battle to day.

It was more or less a meeting engagement, with one brigade each on the table and another to moving in from of board.

Lars took the French side, who in typical French manner swiftly marched forward and quickly brought the of board brigades onto the battle field.

The British, under my command, promptly brought the deployed brigade to block the French advance. The British brigades of board apparently took some time to enjoy there tee since the refused to advance in to the board.

The French are to the left and the British to the right.

Here the British has formed more or less a line from left to right. The British hussars are trying to out flack the French on the left side.

The French has also formed a line from hill to hill. In this picture you can se the French heavy cavalry at the top, hiding behind a hill.

The battle flowed quickly stayed more or less along this line for the entire battle.

The British, on it's left flank, quickly caused a French infantry brigade to break. But the French commander had another standing behind ready to advance an take its place and save the flank.

When a fresh French brigade quickly closed in and started shooting the British to pieces.

The British commander realizing that something drastic had to be done since he didn't have any reserves to bolster the left flank. Ordered the right flank to advance a try to ease the pressure on the left flank. He also ordered his cavalry to try to outflank the French on the left flank.

Here comes the British hussars, trying the outflanking. They was quickly put in place by French musket and cannon fire.

Here we see the Battlefield from the French side. To the far left you can see the British heavy cavalry riding around the small forest as they try to come in behind the French forces in a desperate attempt to save the day.

A nother picture from the French side. Here you can see the British right flank in a ordered retreat after it's advance had resulted in a destroyed battalion without being able to cause any casualties to the French.

Here we see the end of the Battle. The British heavy cavalry have charged the French lines from behind causing panic and the following retreat of the French forces. A badly mauled British force was saved from certain defeat with the least possible margin.

In this picture you can see how the British right flank has retreated behind the left flank trying to protect the way of retreat across the bridge.

Victorious British heavy cavalry who saved the day.

Retreating French forces. Napoleon wont look kindly upon the French commander who lost a battle so closely won.