10mm Napoleonics

10mm Napoleonics

Winroths 10mm Napoleonics

I started this blog to show the progress of my project to create two big 10mm napoleonic armies, Brittish and French, and to create a modular gameing table.

On the working table

SkaparePosted by Erik Winroth Tue, May 22, 2012 09:51:14

Started painting a batalion of light British infantry yesterday, next in turn are a batalion of French guard, next is either 3 limber for each side or a French Carabinier squadron or two.

During the summer I hope to finnish all my 10mm in the bucket list along with painting my house, which is on an entirely different scale.

Autumn then? First of is two batalions of napoleonic Austrian infantry in 28mm. Then I will probably paint four squadrons of cavalry for the 30-year war, also in 28mm. Since painting 10mm have shown to be so fun, I will probably have a hard time not to put in a unit or two of 10mm inbetween the 28mm.